Hallo, it’s me again, your English teacher with the solutions of your task.

Lösungen zu: Task 1

a) Adams dad works on a ferry.
Adam’s dad likes his new job.
The cafe is often very busy.
Adam’s mum works very hard.
Adam often helps in the cafe.
At school Adam isn’t very happy.
And he isn’t doing his homework at the moment.

Lösungen zu: Task 2
1. Ms Lee is worried about you, Adam.
2. Miss Lee thinks that you aren’t very happy at the moment.

 3. You aren’t working very hard.
4. You are often tired at school.
5. I’m worried/surprised/angry about this letter, Adam. (Ein Wort von den dreien genügt natürlich!)
6. I must phone your teacher and we will talk about you.

Lösungen zu: Workbook page 63, By bus from Plymouth

1. Bus from Plymouth to Heathrow Airport
Leaves Plymouth: At 9:55.
Arrives at Heathrow Airport: At 14:25.
Price: £ 32.20

2. Bus from Plymouth to Bristol
Leaves Plymouth: At 9:55.
Arrives at Bristol: At 12:35.
Price: £ 14.50

3. Bus from Plymouth to Penzance
Leaves Plymouth: At 13:55.
Arrives at Penzance: At 17:30.
Price: £ 7.80

4. Bus from Plymouth to Liverpool
Leaves Plymouth: At 10 o’clock.

 Arrives at Liverpool: At 19:35.
Price: £ 58.70

5. Bus from Plymouth to Glasgow
Leaves Plymouth: At 16:40.
Arrives at Glasgow: At 6:15 (tomorrow morning).
Price: £ 75

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