My dear English students of the 7th form, here ar the corrections of last week.

1. I have lived/have been living in London for two years. /For two years I‘ve been living in London.

2. We haven‘t bought (any) toilet rolls yet.

3. Last year I was‘nt at the cinema at all/once.

4. He has already failed/hasn‘t already passed the test twice

5. Last week I met John at the supermarket. / I met John at the supermarket last week.

6. Isn‘t it easier to do your / the homework in Früben than at home.

7. If I don‘t do my/the homework this week, my teacher will not be/won‘t be happy.

8. May/ (Can) I go home, please?

9. I hope we will do homeschooling/will be doing homeschooling again next term.

10. We meet /will meet in town/downtown at 6pm tomorrow (night). Will you find your way yourselves?

11.Dan has just cooked/prepared dinner

12. You mustn‘t annoy your little brother

13. You should be home at/by 8 o‘clock/pm.

13. May/(Can) I go home please?