Hi, everybody, here is your English teacher, Mister Will, again, with the solutions to the task of the last week.

1. Have you (already) done your homework?  / Have you done your homework already.

2. We haven’t bought (any) toilet paper/rolls yet.

3. Yesterday I wasn’t at the cinema. / I wasn’t at the cinema yesterday.

4. He has already failed/hasn‘t already passed the test twice.

5. Last week I met John at the supermarket. / I met John at the supermarket last week.

6. Isn‘t it easier to do your / the homework in Früben than at home.

7. James Bond is definitely not the most exciting action hero.

8. I hope we will do homeschooling again next term.

9. Last year (the) school was funnier than this year.

10. Dan has just cooked/prepared dinner

11. Ich have never drunk tea with milk / milked tea.


Any problems?  In this case you need to phone me during my service times Mondays to Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm, telephone number 05671-3453.